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Summer is getting hot, and a bit humid, and 2021 is proving to be a rather strange year. It certainly has its depressing news and situations, but one thing we can take solace in is the internet and social media taking the English language to the next level.

Largely due in part to African American Vernacular English, also known as AAVE, our dialogue continues to evolve to more expressive uses of words. Such is the case with the word: Vibe.

Of course, the word “vibe” has been around for a while, and has in the past seen its share of the use of the word (again, largely thanks to the Black communities) like in the 1970s disco era.

The word is now having a bit of a moment, especially on social media platforms like TikTok.

Getting Back into the Vibe of Design

If you’re a frequent visitor, you know I wear a few different hats as a creator. Finding time to do all the things I enjoy, as well as spending time to do things that will potentially make income, has been a bit of a struggle.

While I have been focusing a bit on creating music and designing for music, I realized I need to be giving equal amount of time to music, and to graphic design and digital art.

So that’s what I have been doing!

Back on Instagram

I said I was leaving Instagram for good back in January, but I’ve quickly realized that as a digital creator, if I am not utilizing as many social media platforms as possible, for all my different personas, I stand no chance to make an income for myself. Especially as an introverted parent who is also homeschooling a soon-to-be third grader.

Where as before I was using Instagram to truly connect with people, and then feeling let down when others did not reciprocate that same connection I was perceiving; I will now only be using it as a tool to expand my reach as a graphic designer, push traffic here to the blog, and hopefully begin to truly develop myself as a graphic designer and digital creator.

I think using Instagram as a business tool, and only seeing it as such, will allow me to not become so connected to the numbers. Since Instagram has also been undergoing changes, and has become a sort of mall, I can visualize my profile as a shop, and not as “me”.

I’m excited to build my page and portfolio there now with my new perspective.

Vibe Poster Printable

The first step in my rebalancing of creative selves is creating a series of typography poster designs. Simple designs accentuating layout and color schemes, as well as use of various fonts in various ways.

The “Vibe” poster is the first in the series. You can download it in the shop for $2.99 (I’ll link it below).

This is only an example. Suggested print size is no larger than 7inX9in

I’m excited that I have found this inspiration once again. This design was created using Adobe Illustrator to create the base design, and Procreate to add texture.

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