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For the last few years, I have been honing my craft and skills in design and illustration. Though I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, not until 2016 did I decide I wanted to do art as a career. It went well for the first couple of years, and then I felt lost and went on a hiatus to focus on other ventures, such as music.

In 2019, I decided to take some graphic design courses in efforts to find a way to convert my passion for drawing and illustrating into a way to financially sustain myself and my family. Incorporating illustration with graphic design knowledge and skill allows me to create fun designs that pop and are unique.

The illustration I enjoy making most are images incorporating bright colors, silly imagery, and optical illusion, isometric design. I also enjoy creating surreal collages using photography. I use art and design to explore my emotions and thoughts, and the inner workings of my mind and consciousness.


Music is also a passion of mine, and much of my artwork is inspired by music in some way.

I started writing poetry and lyrics when I was in elementary school. Much of my writing was dark, and melancholic. I fiddled around on a keyboard my parents bought me and would make simple melodies.

In junior high school, my father bought me a bass guitar after my begging him for one after seeing Mark Hoppus in Blink-182. I was also inspired by Chris Novoselic’s bass playing.

Throughout high school, I played in a couple small garage bands that had a mix of pop punk, ska, metal, and alternative genres.

I joined the Air Force after high school and stopped playing music for a while. My time in the Air Force didn’t last long, and shortly after moving to live with my now husband, I bought an acoustic guitar and began seriously writing songs.

I’ve made some YouTube channels over the years that I’ve lost email access for that contain my earliest adult songwriting attempts.

I’m using a digital medium, now, to produce my songs, as well as my visual art.

To get to know me more, follow the blog.

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